Our launch into Orbit

Posted on May 14, 2014

Over the last few weeks we have been starting to use a wonderful piece of software called Orbit which allows us to carry out all of our observations and assessments of the Incy Wincy’s children using iPads.

The system has reduced the amount of time taken to produce written observations allowing us to carry out far more and enable us to spend more quality time with the children.

Orbit is also accessible to parents so they receive updates to their e-mail inbox as new things are uploaded onto the system and it can be accessed at any time. For parents who spend time away from home or for extended family who aren’t always nearby this is a wonderful, secure way for us to address each family’s individual circumstances and communicate with them regularly.

Parents are also able to send in their own photos and observations of their children when they are not at nursery in the form of Orbit postcards. This is a fantastic way to include information from parents in each child’s learning journey.

The software has been incredibly well received by our staff and we are excited to be rolling it out to all of our parents imminently!