A Few Little Extras

Posted on June 04, 2015

In nursery we have welcomed a number of visitors over the past month; Tatty Bumpkin is a firm favourite with the children on a Monday, Lena from Tatty Bumpkin works with staff offering 2 session during the morning for the Dragonfly and Ladybird children. We hope that the children are sharing their yoga poses with you and that you are having a go too. One of the added benefits of this has been an opportunity for the younger children to spend some time in the Dragonfly Room, helping them become familiar with the space before they move up there in the coming months.

The Ladybird children have continued to follow their interest in birds over many weeks, a few weeks ago we were joined on a very rainy day in the garden by Ben Potter and his birds of prey. All the nursery children were transfixed by the birds, from little owl Alan to a larger if less pretty vulture named Betty. Ben shared some facts with the children and the birds flew over head landing on both staff and children’s gloved hands. The Ladybird children are now nurturing their own brood, looking after the eggs in our incubator, we look forward to sharing news of the new arrivals over the next two weeks. A very big thank you to Noah’s mummy Lisa for bringing in the eggs and agreeing to adopt our chicks when they hatch.