I Spy

Posted on October 17, 2018

It can be hard to remember each type of tree especially with new ones being discovered by the Dragonfly children each week; the I Spy tree, the Ghost Tree, the Twisty Ice-Cream Tree and so many more!  

Aswell as being fun the children's imaginative tree names give markers to help them remember which way they went and how they can find their way safely back again (with the occasional gentle reminder from an adult too).  I know lots of families visit the Arboretum, let us know if you spot any of our special tree types while you are there, or if your children have any other imaginative names for the trees.

You may also want to try to weave our Dragonfly word of the week in; the word 'Deciduous'.  One or two adults in nursery admitted they were not sure of the meaning so the older pre-school children explained that leaves fall from these trees to the ground in Autumn.  For those that read my post about the lost words (18/09/18) I am hoping this will be another word that we help save from extinction. 

Sarah MG