Wonderful Words

Posted on September 18, 2018

Sometimes I read something about the modern world that I find shocking; for those worrying where this is leading don't panic, I am still referring to child development.  The thing that made me catch my breath just now was that the word 'conker' is being lost from children's vocabulary.  This snippet of information is from Robert McFarlanes book Lost Word's and was shared by the team at Muddy Faces www.muddyfaces.co.uk - I confess my copy is still unopened at home, part of my 'to read' pile! Other words mentioned include dandelion (Victor's favourite food), bramble and acorn; luckily we are helping to save these words by just doing what we do at Incy Wincy's.  Whether we are in the gardens, the park, visiting Thorpe Perrow Arboretum or at our Little Foresters base we are always talking about and asking questions about the world around us; I have heard the staff and children use each of these words (several times) in the past week.  Today there were a couple of other words that have made the Dragonfly children giggle -  'Scrumpious' & 'Gnocchi'; having fun and enjoying our sometimes peculiar language is a great way to support the children's learning and to save some wonderful words from extinction.

Sarah MG