Zoolab Workshop 27th June

Posted on June 25, 2018

Zoolab will be visiting us once again this week, we know the children always enjoy the workshops and this visit will be a little different to last. 'The Zigaro' is described as...

"A storyboard adventure show based on a famous children’s story! Our heroic ZooLab rat takes a trip through the deep, dark wood and happens to meet a whole host of fantastic animals along the way, some of which want to eat him! This story entails matching up (classification) and identification in real and imaginary situations. It involves creativity and imagination, interactions and conversations between animals, repetitions of phrases and movements as part of a story progression. This workshop is also a very gentle introduction to the topic of habitats for younger children." https://www.zoolabuk.com/WhatWeOffer/CoreEducationWorkshops/EarlyYears/EarlyYearsCoreWorkshops.aspx 

The staff are just as excited as the children, there will no doubt be lots for us all to tell mummy, daddy or grandparents at the end of the day!