Kitchen Garden Diary

Posted on June 09, 2021

My seventh week at Incy Wincy's and it has been amazing to get back into catering though in nursery this comes with a side helping of early education.  I have begun a weekly Kitchen Garden session with some of the children and we started by learning more about radishes: we have sown the seed, talked about how long until they are ready to pick and once ready I plan to show them how to use every part of the plant as too often the leaves go to waste.  

As we bring our nursery grown produce into the kitchen I will share the recipes online for you to try at home too.  For now though a quick tip for celery lovers, you can regrow and reduce wastage by storing your celery in a jug of water on the windowsill rather than in the fridge.  It not only becomes much greener and looks fresher, it also grows new roots meaning that once the main stems are taken off it can be planted again.  The celery will start another growing cycle, with the little central stems that are so often forgotten about becoming the crunchy main stems of your new plant. 

With the sun shining we should soon have plenty more news to share from our gardens soon - Chef Carl