Bumble Bees

The Bumble Bee Room welcomes children from 15 months, caring & educating them until around 30 months of age. The room offers the time and space for toddlers to master new skills while maintaining the personal service introduced to families in the Caterpillar Room.  With places for 11 children at any one time, toddlers can socialise in this room without being overwhelmed.  Led by Megan, who has considerable experience of both younger and older age groups the team are able to plan for the specific needs of this age group.  They support children as they become less reliant on adults, taking their first steps towards independence; our team recognize each child's individual learning characteristics and unique needs.

The Bumble Bee Room is made up of two play spaces which retain the character of this former home; turn right as you enter through the cloakroom and you enter the sitting room while on the left is the kitchen. The kitchen space is where out toddlers can be found enjoying a range of messy play activities, favourites include gloop, water & sand though we offer many more. It is also where the children enjoy their meals together; they can see, hear & smell our award winning food being prepared throughout the day.

When choosing furniture the needs of the age group have been carefully considered, chairs & tables are the perfect height for the children to be comfortable & safe.  The team will support the children's growing vocabulary helping them to be confident communicators throughout the day, trained in Makaton they help the children with key words reducing the frustration this age group can experience when not understood; we are very happy to demonstrate these key signs to families. 

During the day there is no shortage of fresh air for the children.  Whether it is raining, snowing or sunny they are able to explore the gardens, travel to the shops in style (safe in our 6 seater Turtle Bus) and enjoy the freedom of toddling in Bedale Park. 

Inside again, the sitting room has a range of natural materials and muted colours creating a relaxing environment for younger children. Our dedicated staff have put together found objects and other collections, these heuristic play baskets allow toddlers to experiment and become engrossed in their own investigations.  In the fireplace with it's coloured lights children can see their own facial expressions, often laughing at themselves.  

Dressing up shoes, and hats encourage children to begin to do things for themselves, while for the endlessly energetic there are still plenty of opportunities to practice those physical skills; climbing the Pikler Triangle, testing their balance on the Wobbel board or crawling through tunnels. Tired and sleepy from all their activity the toddlers can snuggle down for a nap on a comfy sleep mat until they are ready to go again. 

As the children in this age group play alongside each other, sharing the small spaces we see the beginning of friendships in this room that often last throughout their time at Incy Wincy's.  Relationships are key to the children enjoying their time at the nursery and our team pride themselves on the bonds they build with their key children.  Arriving in the morning, parents and children can expect to be greeted by the room team who will ease them into the nursery day, knowing who is ready to play and who may need a cuddle first.  All rooms work closely and join together at time allowing siblings and friends to spend time together. Those who joined as babies keep their close bond with Michelle as they together outdoors or toddle in to say hello.

A verbal handover is given at the end of the day with an electronic diary then being sent to confirm these details. Each child's continuing learning journal is recorded and can be assessed online by parents at any time.  Family members are encouraged to add to this themselves so, together we build a complete picture of the children as they grow and learn.